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How to Adopt a Puppy from Deaz Doodle Ranch

Now that you've decided you're ready for a puppy and you've chosen us as your preferred Dog Breeder, here are the ways and steps to adopting from Deaz Doodle Ranch.

No matter which you choose - Direct Adoption, Waitlist, or Standby, the first step is completing an Application. This ensures that we get to know you as well as you get to know us throughout the adoption process.

One option is direct adoption, which is available for puppies over 8 weeks old listed on our Available Puppies pages. If you are looking for an older puppy, this would be a great place to begin your search. We often offer older puppies for adoption at a reduced cost, as our mission is to find every puppy a loving home, sometimes even if it falls outside of our standard fee.

A second option is joining a waitlist. We open our waitlists when puppies are born. Customers with a paid deposit on Standby will have first choice at waitlist spots. A waitlist spot does not guarantee you a specific puppy, but it does guarantee your position in Selections.

Puppies are selected at 5-6 weeks of age.  Photos and videos are posted on our Facebook page and website. On Selection Day, we will work our way down the waitlist contacting each customer to select a puppy from that litter.

We won't know which puppies will be available to you until we reach your spot on the waitlist, so we encourage customers to have up to 3 puppies in mind for your selection consultation.

Selection consultations can be done in person, Facetime, Video Conference, or telephone.  We can discuss markings, size, and temperament during this consultation.

Please note that Deaz Doodle Ranch reserves the right to select up to two (2) puppies from any litter at any time.  Our selection(s) will be made before selection consultations, and we do our best to keep you informed of the available choices.

The third and final option - if you are looking for something very specific like color, eye color, genetics, or generation - it may be optimal for you to join our Standby list. This ensures you the option to join any waitlist before others if your preferences are met in that litter. In this instance, you will pay a deposit to reserve your spot for a future puppy.

No matter which choice you make, we are always here to walk you through the process - before AND AFTER adoption. Contact us at any time!

Visit our info pages for more details: Standby, Waitlist, and Selections

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