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From Deanna Sargent, Owner of Deaz Doodle Ranch


"In 2009 we brought home our first Cockapoo.  He is the perfect family pet!  Very smart, easy to train, great with my children, didn't shed like our Golden, and he filled a void that I didn't realize we had.  I was so impressed with the breed that I immediately started researching and studying what it takes to be a reputable breeder.

I found there is a need for well bred family pets, service dogs, and emotional support animals.  We have built our business on strong ethics about how our breeding dogs are kept, puppies are raised, and customers are treated.  It is important the parent dogs are well cared for in family homes with the help of our Guardian Program.


We broke ground on a grand facility, directly attached to our family home in 2019.  Upon completion in September of 2020, we are proud to announce the transition to Deaz Doodle Ranch, where we proudly provide the highest quality care to all our puppies and parents."

~ Deanna


Charlie Pictured at 13 years old

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We are located just outside of Connersville, Indiana.  Conveniently accessible in a little over an hour from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or Dayton.  


Don't worry, if you're not within driving distance, we can arrange transportation & delivery.

*note: this map is only for general location, it does not lead you to our physical address.  If you choose to pickup, you will be sent directions via email.

It's a Deaz World!

See where our puppies live including the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond!


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Deaz Doodle Ranch
Connersville, Indiana