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See our puppies from past litters, see how some have grown, and hear testimonials from our happy customers.

Growing Up

Past Puppies

Past Puppies



Bear ,Miko x Rizzo '19


"Bear is my absolute best friend! He is so intelligent and well behaved.


He kept his beautiful coat color and texture and I couldn’t have asked for a better pup!"


      ~Zain A. 

Bear MikoxRizzo 2.jpg

Bella ,Lola x Chip '14


"My experience adopting my pup from Deaz Cockapoos was easy, clear and everyone was supportive throughout.


I chose to go pick her up and met her dad, Chip.  I was impressed with the home environment the pups were raised in. 


Bella is healthy and our family is very happy with her."


      ~Sue P.

Bella 2.jpg

Tucker ,Mocha x Dex '18


"We were looking for a confident puppy and one that would bring our other shy cockapoo out of her shell.  Boy did Deanna deliver!


Deana knew his personality and was able to make a great match.  The Deaz team cares about all their puppies and parents, they want to make sure everyone is happy with their furbaby.


We would select from Deaz again if given the opportunity


      ~Kristin C.


Cooper & Cali ,Hazel x Austin '18 & Rippley x Charlie '19


"We love our little Poo so much- we decided to get a second - pictures of Cali to come in the next email.


They both are the absolute most loving, sweet, fun fur babies ever!

And the Extended Family network is Awesome!  We love catching/keeping up with siblings  - we have even formed new friendships - i.e. Karen Ludwig O’Leary and Copper’s brother Little Rob Thomas !!"💕


      ~Renae B.


Penny ,Sheba x Rizzo '19


"Penny is honestly the most good-natured dog I have ever had. She loves to please, loves to comfort, has never met a stranger.


I think these qualities really speak for Deanna’s pairing abilities, and you know the puppies are loved on from day one. I loved being able to see pictures of my puppy from birth until right before we picked her up.


Deanna always answered my questions before picking up my puppy, and was super helpful with my questions after getting Penny as well. I am very happy that I chose Deaz Cockapoos for my dog.


I love my Deaz baby!"        ~Kristin F.

Penny ShebaxRizzo 1.jpg
Penny ShebaxRizzo 2.jpg

Frenchie ,Lucy (retired) x Biscuit '16


"[Frenchie] is a wonderful little girl—adorable, very intelligent, very loving, and a little quirky. She makes us laugh every day, and brings us much joy. Frenchie is also in excellent health.


Deanna does such a good job of breeding. We have never for one minute regretted getting Frenchie from Deaz Cockapoos.


      ~Julie K.

Frenchie 2.jpg
Frenchie 1.jpg

Huckleyberry ,Meeko x Phoenix (both retired) '17


"Working with Deanna was great. One of my biggest priorities was finding the right breeder and I loved the fact that the dogs lived in the house.

I found Deaz Cockapoos from the American Cockapoo website. I live in Nebraska so I didn't travel to pick up Huckleberry. I was choosing between huckleberry and his brother and Deanna was great answering all my questions. 


I also loved that she doesn't have people pick until 5 weeks so we can be paired with the right puppy. Huckleberry came to me by plane with no issues.


Overall the experience was great and I absolutely love huckleberry. He is very chill and loves to cuddle.  He's great with kids too. He is the best dog and if I ever get another one I hope Deaz Cockapoos is still around."


      ~Amy P.


Bode ,Autumn x Austin '20


"I highly recommend Deaz Cockapoos.

Over the years I have followed your facebook page.  It was about 3 years before we purchased.


What sold me:

Your first videos of caring for the puppies and the parents.  I remember there was a small black cockapoo.  He was small and had to be hand fed.  I want to say you named it A cute name like Martini, but was happy to see the care.  And the happy momma and dads running in the yard.  The new litters outside and playing with people.  So the videos of the animals were important.  I also like seeing how Autumn is cared for while at her home.


I also could see that you kept the litter with the mom, weaned at the recommended times.  And Autumn went home.  That sounds like responsible breeding.


Also, you hit the nail on the head when you described the puppy we were picking.  He is cuddly and is content to be held just so he can see what we are all doing.  Like a toddler really. 


The process of purchasing was easy and organized.  You were available and responded each time I had a question.


Delivery was accommodating and fairly priced.                                              ~Neyrchele L.


Mazie ,Autumn x Austin '20


"We received our golden doodle in July. 

We are so unbelievable grateful for Deaz and company! Our children’s dreams came true!

Amy was absolutely amazing and the process was so smooth. 

They delivered our pup via car transport to PA. 

I was completely amazed by the professionalism of this reputable breeder.

Any questions I had were answered immediately. 

Our pup came with a bag of helpful goodies, food, stuffed animal and scented blanket. It was perfect! 

Mazie has truly completed our family. (Autumn and Austin) 

We were so blessed to stumble upon Deaz through a friend recommendation!

I can’t thank them enough for making our first experience a memorable one!"


                                                                                                     ~The Merklinger Family


Peach ,Autumn x Austin '20


"Peach is a 7 month mini goldendoodle from Autumn and Austins litter in May of 2020.

I started looking for a puppy when my dog was diagnosed with cancer and I am so happy I found Deaz!


They helped me find my next family member and it felt like fate in the end. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.


Peach’s disposition and intelligence has made her a breeze to train and I know that’s all thanks to the dogs in Deaz program. I recommend them to anyone I know looking for their next furry family member and will continue to do so! "

                                                                                                                  ~Skylar H.


Rocky ,Izzy x Chewy '19

"We've had Rocky now since April so he's 9 months old and he couldn't be more perfect.

He is the best representation of the breed there could be. He is simply a delightful fellow - smart, friendly, social, a little comical at times and playful but gentle.

He comes to the office with me and pretty much anywhere we can bring him. His coat is soft wavy to curly, doesn’t shed and is easy to maintain. Everyone who meets him falls in love and wants to know what kind of dog he is and where we got him. My daughter's friend just got a pup from you, they had been resisting the kids request for a dog for years but Rocky changed their mind. 


Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful dog he is and say thank you again!"

                                                                                                                  ~Charity M.


Silver & Phoenix ,Penny x Koda (Bernedoodles), 2020

"I had to write a review/ reference for Deaz.  The entire experience was great.  From the initial contact from when I first inquired to the deposit.  Everything was so transparent and easy to follow as well as all of the people who work there are super easy going.

I am not local and they made the whole process very enjoyable.  When I went out to select my puppies I got a tour of there facility and I couldn’t have been move impressed.  There facility is impeccably built and you can tell that they absolutely  love these dogs there was no expense spared to make sure they were all pampered and safe through the entire process.  Seeing how great there facility was coupled with the amazing staff I knew I was going to get amazing Bernidoodle puppies. 

I have to say they over delivered my 2 boys could not be any better.  There temperament and personalities are just amazing.  They are so fun and loving they have been an wonderful addition to our family.  They also are 2 of the most beautiful dogs ever!! I was told they were going to be large and oh boy they are at 5 months they both weigh about 50lbs our vet thinks they’ll end up around 80lbs which I am very happy about.  In conclusion this whole process could not have worked out better.  I can not recommend them enough.  They are amazing and so are there dogs!"                         ~Brian C.

Silver & Phoenix.jpg

Tilly , TacoBelle x Boss, Medium Cockapoo 2022

"I just wanted to thank you for bringing this wonderful puppy into my life!  Tilly (Chaco) Is absolutely perfect.  She has had 2 vet visits (one at our home in Indiana, the other in Virginia) and is perfectly healthy and weighing in at 10.5 lbs.  She has had no accidents for over a week  and is well on her way to being housebroken.  She is doing well with her training and is learning sit, stay, come and leash walking.  Apollo, my older cockapoo, has accepted her into the pack.  They are great playmates and they can be left alone together safely. Tilly especially loves playing fetch in the front yard, wrestling with Apollo, and as many snuggles as she can get! She is a very sweet, smart and affectionate puppy."                                                                                                               ~Beth J.

TacoBelle x Boss Tilly was Chaco.jpg

Dale & Danika , Rummy x Winston '22

"Just wanted to send along a picture of our precious Dale & Danika sleeping between us on our recliner sofa as we watch tv.
It was a very busy and cold holiday season visiting with family in NC. They were the hit of the holiday and adored by all the family.
We are now settled back home in FL and they love being outside running around the pool playing with their toys, playing tag in the grass and barking at the ducks on the lake.
They are very sweet, sassy and smart pups. They traveled extremely well from Indianapolis to NC and then onto FL.  We love them so much.
                                                                                                                                                        ~Tony & Judy S.

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