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For Puppies

For Adults

We have officially transitioned to
Diamond Puppy Food

(and Adult for our breeding dogs)
Can be found at, and locally at Tractor Supply Company (TSC)

Diamond Puppy Food Purple Bag
Diamond Adult Dog Food
Puppy Crate Sizes for Your Puppy


We recommend the following:

Under 30lbs: 24-in to 36-in crate

Over 30lbs: 38-in to 50-in crate

We also highly recommend a double door crate with a divider.  The divider will help make the crate smaller and adjust to larger as the puppy grows.

puppy playpen for cockapoos

Many of our customers and a few employees 

have found the Puppy Play Pen to be a lifesaver

when you need a safe place for your puppy to play

when you need to leave the room - or just need a break.


This gives your puppy an extension to his crate (it comes with clips to attach directly to the crate) for more room to explore, relax, and not feel as confined.

Potty Training Bells for puppies


One of the best methods of potty training.  These 

bells attach to your door and you will train your puppy

to ring them when he needs to go out.  Dogs will pick up on this method very quicky!

snuggle puppy.jfif


A comfort to your puppy, this stuff pup includes a heat pack for warmth and the sound of a heartbeat, making the puppy feel he is still with his litter mates & mama.

The Snuggle Puppy is helpful with crate training, especially at night time.

grooming styles


For easier home grooming, check out these recommended tools!

grooming styles

Metal Comb

The only comb or brush that can reach the depth of hair of your pup, a great tool to keep those pesky matts away!

dematt comb.jfif

DeMatt Comb

If you catch a matt early and have this comb handy, you'll be ever so grateful!  This amazing comb acts as a type of "thinning sheers" to comb the matt out of your pet's hair without having to cut it off in chunks or completely shave him.

Fresh Pet shampoo

Fresh Pet Shampoos

Love the smell of freshly bathed puppies? This is the brand we use on all of our adults and puppies.

Fresh pet leaves your puppy smelling sweet and feeling soft!

Cowboy Magic shampoo

Cowboy Magic Shampoos & Conditioners

Cowboy Magic's YELLOW OUT Shampoo/Conditioner is the best method we've found of getting the whites bright and helping to remove stains from grass, hard water, and daily play.

Try their Rosewater Shampoo & Conditioner for a rich, soft, and sweet-smelling coat.




Some handy and fun tricks of the trade - many of these products we use when transporting our puppies to their new homes!

seat belt tether for dogs

Seat Belt Attachment

When paired with a booster seat or harness, this is a great piece to have in the car.  Just clip like a leash, and snap the other end into the seatbelt buck and you're off to the races!

rear seat cover for dogs

Rear Seat Covers

Cushioned for the comfort of your pet! They're also waterproof and tear proof to protect your interior.

Dog Car Seat

Car Seats

A nice way for your pup to be comfortable and safe in the car.

Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses

dog collar

With thousands of choices for collars, leashes, and harnesses out there, we cannot recommend one specific brand for everyone.  It boils down to personal preference and style.

Your puppy's neck will be approx 7-10", click the link to to see collars available in XS sizes.

For cockapoos, this collar may last his lifetime.

For Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles, you will most likley need to upgrade around 6 months.

dog leash

We do not recommend retractable leashes.  They are more difficult to control and most tend to break at the most inopportune time.

For that reason, we suggest you keep your puppy safe with a sturdy nylon or leather leash. This style is also excellent for leash and obedience training.

dog harness

There are many harnesses out there to choose from.  Pay close attention to the ease of use.  Some may take you 30-minutes to put on with lots of clips and snaps to attach all while fighting an excited puppy.  Others are a quick slip on, but require precision to ensure safety.

Your puppy's chest at go-home is approx 7-12"

A harness is highly recommended for use with a seatbelt attachment.

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