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What is Stand-By?

Stand-by is a waiting list of customers that have deposits placed and are waiting on a certain time to bring home a puppy or a specific color to be produced.  These customers are assigned to a litter once we have one bred meeting the criteria the customer is looking for. 

Stand-by is a generic list that is not linked to any particular parents or litter.  With your paid deposit of $200 (non-refundable), you will be placed in order of which your deposit was received.  

When a new litter of puppies are born, you will be contacted and offered a spot on the list if your preferences match the puppies in that litter.

You are welcome to pass and remain on Stand By until a puppy or litter interests you for up to 1 year from your deposit date.

Sable Cockapoo Puppy
How do Wait Lists work?
Wait List

Wait Lists can be seen on our individual breeds pages.   Stand-by customers who have already made a deposit will have first choice of any new wait list spots available.

When the puppies are born, we will work our way down the Stand-By list to match customer preferences.


If you choose to defer on selection day, you will return to the bottom of the stand-by list. There is no penalty to defer if your gender of preference is not available at the time of your selection appointment.

Litter of Cockapoo Puppies
What is the Selection Process?

Puppies are selected at 4-5 weeks of age.  Photos will be posted on our Facebook page at approximately newborn, 4 and 8 weeks.  If possible, we will try to provide a video of the litter at 6 weeks (post selection)

We won't know which puppies will be available to you until we reach your spot on the wait list, so please have up to 3 puppies in mind for your selection consultation.

Selection consultations can be done in person, Facetime, Video Conference, or telephone.  Selections MUST be made within 30 minutes of your appointment time, so please have your choices ready and any questions you may have. We can discuss markings, size, and temperament during this consultation, but please understand we are only seeing glimpses at the personality and temperament at this young age.

Once you choose a puppy, you can expect your new family member in 3-4 weeks! We will arrange for final payment and pickup shortly after you make your selection and then all that's left is to take your baby home!

Please note that Deaz Doodle Ranch reserves the right to select up to two (2) puppies from any litter at any time.  Our selection(s) will be made prior to selection consultations and we do our best to keep you informed of the available choices.

We typically retire our mama's after 4-6 litters.  In order to continue to provide families all over the world with loving pets, we must replenish our lines with new mammas (and papas).There is the rare occasion that we are breeding a litter specifically for our program (Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, Cockapoos).   In this case, only a small part of the litter will be available for selection.  This will be noted ahead of time on our Breed pages.


Sassy is a 6.5lb Toy Poodle and a mama in our breeding prgoram.  She is sporting a fun 'do created by Savannah, our groomer!

Sassy the Poodle with Pink Ears & Tail
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