Our Guardian Program

At Deaz Cockapoos we believe that EVERY dog deserves a family to love unconditionally, and vice versa.  We do not agree with keeping a dog penned in a kennel day in and out without socialization only to be used to breed.


Guardian homes are the answer to having several different dogs without "warehousing" them only to breed.  In a nutshell you can purchase a puppy at a very discounted rate that we would co-own under contract and I would breed said dog during the length of the contract and when contract was fulfilled I would pay to have the pet fixed and sign over all ownership.


If you are interested in learning more about upcoming guardian puppies or getting on our list to guardian one of our angels please complete an application.  If you live within 2 hours (Female, 30 min. for Male) from zip code 47331 and have an approved application then you qualify to guardian a puppy.  Below are more details about the actual process. 

Puppies and Adults available for Guardian Homes

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Contact us for any questions regarding the Guardian program.  An application should be submitted to be considered. 

More details and expectations to know about...

  • You will get breeders pick of the litter.  We only use the best so that we can provide the best.

  • Males are very easy to provide a home for.  All you have to do is make them available to us when needed until the age of 10 years old, providing they are in good health.

  •   If you are more than 20 minutes from our house, a male will need to stay with us for up to 7 days during breeding.  If you are close enough to commute, I will borrow the male for a honeymoon visit (morning pickup/evening dropoff).

  • Females come in heat the first time *normally* between the age of 9-10 months old.  Then if *normal* they will have a heat every 6 months.  Like human females this can vary per dog.

  • We do not breed the first heat and never before a year old.  Therefore you have over a year before even thinking about her having puppies.

  • When she is ready to breed she would come back to us for 5-7 days for the breeding, then home for the pregnancy period, (55 days), then back a week prior to delivery.  She will have a stay of 6 weeks with us while she nurses and weans the puppies.  (This makes a great time to plan vacations and get free boarding!)

  • We breed two cycles back to back because it is easier on momma. There is a break between litters 2-3 then breed 3 and 4 back to back.  This is done until 4-5 years old or 4-6 times depending on many variables, but the health of the momma (your dog) is first and foremost!  We do not over breed our pets and will not over breed yours. 

  • All vet fees associated with breeding or the puppies will be our responsibility.

  • Any routine or injury vet fees will be your responsibility, he/she is your pet.  Any fees associated with boarding and grooming will be your responsibility.  Sometimes we are able to offer these services, but maintenance and care is ultimately your responsibility.

  • In the case of providing a home for one of our females.  ALL MALE DOGS IN THE HOME MUST BE FIXED.  It is your responsibility to make sure she does not get pregnant during her off heats.

  • Fenced in yards are a plus, but not a deal breaker.  When she goes in heat during an off cycle you have to make sure no males can get to her for 30 days so it helps.

  • When breeding is finished we will pay to have her fixed and she will retire to spend the rest of her days with you and all ownership will be transferred to you.  If you decide to guardian another puppy you can get another one at no cost.

Are there children in the household?




  • Necessary vaccinations and worming

  • Preventative parasite control (including heartworm, flea, and tick).  You must agree that this puppy/dog will not be given any flea control containing Spinosad, including but not limited to “Comfortis” or “Trifexis”.

  • Dental care and cleaning as needed

  • Emergency or other veterinary care as necessary.

  • Brushing of coat as needed (minimum 1-2x per week)

  • Cleaning of ears as necessary to prevent infection

  • Bathing as needed to keep skin healthy and free of irritation

  • Clipping of coat and nails on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks) as needed to prevent matting and skin irritation.

  • Puppy Preschool classes if available

  • Basic Obedience class (Fetch K9 is highly recommended in Richmond, IN)

  • Crate training

  • House training for manners & proper behavior with people.

  • Socialization beginning with familiarization to new sights, sounds, and smells in your home.  Once the puppy/dog is more confident in his surroundings and trusts you, it’s now a good time to socialize with other people and animals by welcoming others into your home or taking your puppy/dog on walks to visit strangers in a positive, non-threatening manner.

The Breeder/Guardian Commitment

I understand and will commit to the following:

  • A 10 year contract for Males, or a 4-6 litter contract for Females.

  • The Dog will be made available to the breeder upon request.  Females will be required to stay at the Deaz facility for 1-2 weeks when breeding and up to 8 weeks when whelping puppies. 

  • I am responsible for the transport of the dog to and from the Deaz facility when need for breeding or whelping.

  • I will not allow the dog to breed to any other dog.  Intentional or accidental breeding under any circumstances may result in the surrender of the dog back to the Breeder/Owner.

  • Any puppies born of any pregnancy of this dog is sole property of Breeder-Owner Deaz Doodle Ranch.

  • I should provide periodic updates on the heath, growth, and well-being, as well as provide photos of the puppy/dog when requested.

  • This is a 10+ year commitment to a living animal. This dog should be raised and treated as a pet for it's lifetime.

  • Ownership of the puppy/dog will be shared while this agreement is in effect.  The microchip will be registered to both the Guardian and the Breeder/Owner.

In Addition,  I Agree to all statements on this Application Form and by signing below, I certify that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that by completing this application, I will not automatically be approved as a guardian for Deaz Doodle Ranch.  A telephone consultation / visit will be conducted prior to adoption.

Lastly, I understand that if I have given any false information or I have not completely answered all questions, this application will be automatically denied.

My signature below states that I understand the terms of the application and I give permission to Deaz Doodle Ranch of Connersville Indiana to use any and all information provided to complete a background check.