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Picking the Perfect Puppy

Choosing the perfect pet for your family consists of 6 important factors:


Cockapoo:  Our first and primary breed here at Deaz.  We take pride in the 10+ years we've spent growing and improving this breed.  We feel that Cockapoos have beautiful temperaments that are well balanced between the calm Cocker Spaniel and the eager-to-please Poodle.  You may see available Cocker Spaniels or Poodles occasionally when we breed to expand our program.

Goldendoodle: For those craving the love and devotion of a Golden Retriever with the brains and hypo-allergenic qualities of a Poodle, this is an excellent choice.  Hiking/Camping families are a great.

Bernedoodle: These studious creatures are winning the hearts of big dog lovers all over the world.  New to the dog world, these large breed beauties are the combination of the happy-go-lucky Bernese Mountain Dog and the non-shedding smart-as-a-whip Poodle.  


When two purebreds are crossed, it is called outcrossing. The generations to follow are called filiar generations.  These are often referred to as F1, F2, etc.   In most cases, if you are searching for a loving, happy pet, these numbers and letters don't mean much.  We respect that it is more important to others, and we are happy to work with you to find your fit.

In instances where you are looking for the well-balanced manners of a Cockapoo, Goldendoodle, or Bernedoodle, OR non-shedding and allergy-friendly is extremely important to you, these distinctions come into play, specifically when looking at a "b" or a "bb".


Generations higher than an F1b (F2, F3, F4) have deep lines in our program.  Meaning, we produced both parents, and both grandparents...sometimes even Great-grandparents or higher.  

This shows the level of understanding we have of this breed, our breeding program, and the heath and temperament of our puppies.


What level of energy best fits your household?  How old are your children?  Do you live in an apartment?  Do you want a cuddler or a running partner? Do you have other pets in the household?  There are several important questions you need to ask yourself and your family to determine the right temperament of your new puppy.  Our expert "Matchmaker" will help you through the selection process in order to match you with the perfect puppy. 

While a dog's true temperament won't be determined until well after he has settled into your home, lifestyle, routine and energy level, we do our best to understand the early signs of behavior in order to help guide you toward the right puppy.   We use portions of the Volhard PAT (puppy aptitude test) to make these determinations.  Basic conclusions can be found on shyness, confidence, comfort, and attention.

In general, Cockapoos are considered one of the most well-balanced dogs in terms of Temperament.   Cocker Spaniels are known to be quite, playful, and affectionate.  Poodles have shown to be one of the smartest breed of dogs and has a even level of energy with a strong desire to please.  This creates a happy dog that is good to take a walk or watch a movie.  It doesn't get better than that!

Bernedoodles have a happy-go-lucky attitude with a loving temperament.  They are extremely playful and can be lazy, but also lend themselves well to hiking and swimming.

Goldendoodles are great for an active family.  With a fun, uplifting attitude this breed usually has the most energy of all our breeds.  Large families, sporting families, and even singles or young couples that enjoy exercise are a great choice for a Goldendoodle parent.


Unsure of what size is best for you?  Use this helpful chart featuring some of our dogs

2021 Size Chart.jpg

Disclaimer:  Deaz does not guarantee adult weight on any puppies.  Please use this chart for reference only.

15-20 lbs.  A great size for an apartment.  Recommended for children over the age of 7, a wonderful companion for someone with disabilities that would prevent you from picking up or caring for a larger dog.  But still not so small that you trip over them.

We don't "breed down" by trying to make smaller dogs.  We breed a close to equal weight as possible.  We do have Cocker Spaniels in our program that are smaller in weight, and we breed them to toy/mini Poodles to keep an even weight balance.  This usually creates a beautiful small version of our cherished Cockapoos.

20-30 lbs.  The perfect small family dog.  This size is great for any family of any age, from Newlyweds to Empty Nesters!  This size dog has a well balanced level of energy to take a brisk walk through the neighborhood and then relax on the back deck while you sip wine for the evening.

This size dog also has the potential to make a great emotional support animal.

30-40 lbs.  Don't let the size fool you, these Standard Cockapoos are the gentle giants of the Cockapoo Kingdom.  Large enough for the kids to wrestle, but kind enough to snooze by the fire during Family Bonding time.

Based on the size of past litters, we expect our future GoldenDoodle litters to be within this weigh range - for those of you looking for a little more adventure into an upbeat &loyal companion.

40-60 lbs.  With our grand Standard Poodles such as Penny and Panda, there are occasions where our Cockapoos will range up to 50lbs.  This is considered "Standard" in the Cockapoo world.  The results are typically a friendly and cozy napping partner.


60+ lbs.  Most of our Bernedoodles will fall into this size range.  These fun balls of fur will be able to reach counter tops, open doors and many other traits of large breed dogs.  Obedience training is important for any dog, but especially important for this breed.  Puppy-hood may be trying, but they will grow into an amazing addition to any family.


We believe in raising well-balanced, good-mannered dogs no matter the gender.  If you choose your dog as a pet, we highly recommend having your dog spayed or neutered at a time appropriate based on your personal vet's recommendations.

This will ensure that the hormones will not get in the way of your naturally loving companion.  For these reasons, we do not see a great deal of differeence in the temperament of males vs. females. 

It boils down to personal preferences.  Is mom needing a little lady to balance out the brood of boys taking over her home?  Or does grandpa need a "tough guy" truck-riding sidekick?


Now the fun part! What's your favorite color?  Where does the beauty lie in your eyes?  There's no wrong answer but surely you have your favorites...or you will your mind change the moment your eyes meet that perfect bundle of fur?  Here are some insights to the colors and markings of the dog world.


RED.  One of the most traditional colors for a Cockapoo, this stunning color is very bold at a young age and sometimes has a tendency to lighten to a golden apricot over the years, aging gracefully.  See also Tuxedo, Abstract, and Parti.

click to enlarge photo


APRICOT.  Lighter than Red, but not quite buff, this color is quite popular with the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel lovers for their beauty and similar coats.  See also Tuxedo, Abstract, and Parti.

click to enlarge photo


BUFF.  The lightest hint of red blends into these bright-eyed beauties. For the lovers of lighter colors and big, loving eyes, this is a great choice.  See also Tuxedo, Abstract, and Parti.

click to enlarge photo


BLACK.  Solid or with abstract markings, a black coat is nothing less than a stunning work of art.  And thanks to modern advancements in photography, you can actually see the eyes in photos now! See also Phantom, Parti, Abstract, and Tuxedo.

click to enlarge photo


CHOCOLATE.  The deepest of the Red family, these rich coats are dreamy and soothing and sometimes throw in some Phantom markings.  See also Parti, Merle, and Abstract.

click to enlarge photo


BLUE MERLE.  Not quite as blue as grandma's hair, the mixture of black and grays is unpredictable, but gorgeous none-the-less.   These color are rare and hard to come by, apparantly been made a "limited edition" by mother nature herself.

click to enlarge photo


CHOCOLATE MERLE.  Just as rare, this Ice Cream Sundae worthy mixture of browns, tans and beige covers all the warm colors in the spectrum!

click to enlarge photo


PHANTOM.  Some black, some chocolate, Phantom markings consist of a tri-colored definition of brown feet, snout, eyes brows and a little brown under the tail.  Also included is a white chest and sometimes white on the legs.

click to enlarge photo

Latoya 2.jpg

SABLE.  Born almost all black, a quick look at the undercoat will show a vibrant red.   By the time your puppy comes home, it's possible he/she will just have black tips on the end of the hair, but will carry darker ears throughout the life.

click to enlarge photo

baby ruth2.jpg

TUXEDO.  Perfect Tuxedo markings are defined as four white paws and white on the chest, face and head creating the look of a tuxedo jacket over a white shirt.  Tuxedos can be red, black and other combinations.

click to enlarge photo


PARTI.  Parti is named for any coat with 50% or more white.  With large patches of color, these markings make for the most unique coats available.

click to enlarge photo


ABSTRACT.  Not quite tuxedo, but not quite solid, abstracts markings include some white, but not much. White can be on the head, feet, chest, face or anywhere in between!

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Specialty Colors in Bernedoodles

SOLID.  For those that like the Reds, Apricots, Blacks or Chocolates in our Cockapoos but are looking for a larger dog, these are a "solid" choice!

click to enlarge photo


BI-COLOR.  Bi-Color refers to Bernedoodles with only black and white markings.  

click to enlarge photo


TRI-COLOR.  The traditional Bernedoodle coloring.   Sometimes this is referred to Phantom in other breeds, but with more prominent white markings.

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