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Deaz Doodle Ranch Health Guarantee

The health and safety of our animals are our highest priority. Educating our customers is our second.  It is important to us that our customers understand not only what we, as the breeder, are responsible for, but also what your responsibilities as a life-long pet owner may be.  Your agreement to our health guarantee is required for adoption.  Your digital signature below indicates your agreement to the information included on this page.

We guarantee this dog/puppy, to be in good health, to the best of our and our Vets knowledge, at the time of sale/adoption, and have had temporary required inoculations against known illnesses.

We also guarantee our puppies to be free of congenital life-threatening defects for 1 year (2 years if you use NuVet.)

The customer has 2 days in which to take said animal to a licensed veterinarian.  All puppies have their first vet visit with our personal vet by 7 weeks of age to verify complete health.  Failure to have them seen in 2 days voids Guarantee.

Please note: Life-Threatening Congenital defects are serious issues that the puppy is born with and will not survive as a result. This does not cover Parvo, Parasites, or any common ailments. We have a rigorous de-worming protocol with a 90% success rate, however puppies can have parasites. You are asked to run a fecal at your first vet appointment. If treatment is needed we will mail it to you given the puppy was seen within 2 days. The stress of moving will cause dormant parasites to be seen and can be detected at the first visit. If the veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with the animal, it will be exchanged for another puppy or dog of equal value of the customer’s choice at once, or when one is available, providing a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of animals illness and the animal is returned within the guaranteed time as stated above (2 days).

It is understood that there is no other warranty made other than what has been stated above. In case of the death of this animal, an autopsy must be arranged by the pet owner and the findings submitted to the breeder before any arrangements or exchange will be considered.

The seller also assumes no responsibility for the buyer changing their minds for whatever reason once the Puppy/Dog or is in their possession (Coat Color, Coat Type, Markings, Size, and so on.) Due to photos and visits when possible there is no reason for misunderstandings in this area. We cannot guarantee a specific adult color or size. Mother nature has everything to do with the adult appearance.

Temperament and conformation are most important to us when making breeding decisions. If you do not understand this, please ask. We only offer exchanges we will not refund money if this is not agreed upon the sale will be canceled.

Health Guarantee Confirmation and Acceptance.

Thanks for submitting!

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