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If You Are Picking Up Your Puppy

Be sure that you have your puppy's travel plans made at least 1 week in advance to the scheduled go-home date.  If you have scheduled a pickup date and time, our address is:

3284 West Williams Road

Connersville, Indiana 47331

Final payments for pickup can be made on the day of pickup in cash, cashier's check from a bank.  If payment is by credit card, please make arrangements to pay prior to pickup.

Delivery: We offer several delivery options.  Click here for radius and pricing.

What We Provide:

The most important item: Your new family member!  In addition, your go-home bag includes a blanket and toy with the a familiar smell he/she will find comforting, and a sample of the food your puppy has been eating, along with coupons and a message from Royal Canin.

Your information packet includes all the necessary documents you need to register his Microchip ID, NuVet vitamins, Trupanion health insurance info, and his vet & shot records.  Read more about these products here.

Deaz Swag! These will rotate based on stock, and can include both human and puppy goodies!

What You Should Bring:

If we are not delivering to your doorstep, you may need the following:

  • A way to secure your puppy for the ride home. These can include​​

    • A small pet carrier.  In most cases your puppy will weight less than 10lbs on go-home day.  Prepare accordingly with an appropriate size.​

    • A harness/collar

    • A leash or seatbelt attachement.

    • A blanket or towel and a few wet wipes in the case of an accident.

       *Note it is perfectly fine to hold the puppy on your lap for the ride home, but if you are coming alone,             please bring a way to secure your puppy for safety.

  • Your final payment if arrangements haven't be made in advance.

  • And last but not least....Lots of smiles, hugs and love for your new puppy!

Puppy in a Mason Jar
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