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Beat The Heat: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

dog in front of fan
Keep fresh, cold water available on hot days.

Dogs, particularly the ones with longer hair, are more prone to overheating during summer. While hair can act as an insulator, a heavy coat can also absorb heat faster. Some breeds are designed to absorb heat as they are usually found in colder climates. It is essential to keep your dog cool during the summer months to prevent any heat-related issues. Use some of these tips for keeping your dog cool this summer.

Keep water bowls filled with fresh, cool water. Dogs have very few sweat glands and pant to cool off, which results in moisture loss. Plenty of water will prevent dehydration.

Ensure there is adequate shade and cool resting areas with good air circulation and consider providing access to a cool basement or tile floor. Dehumidifiers and A/C are helpful for cooling your pets. Remember, if you're not comfortable, they're not comfortable.

two dogs laying on tile floor
Tile and concrete floors provide a cool spot to nap

It is extremely dangerous to leave your pet in the car, even on a 70-degree day. The car can reach up to 100 degrees in the sun and this can cause Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke in your pet.

Consider changing your dog's exercise routine by scheduling walks for cooler parts of the day and opting for morning and evening exercise instead.

walking a dog at cooler time of day
Adjust your routine for walks at cooler parts of the day

For a cool treat, freeze some dog-friendly human foods like banana slices, carrot sticks, blueberries, green beans, watermelon cubes, and peeled pumpkin slices.

It's time to take a dip with your furry friend! You can use a kiddie pool, sprinkler or even an old storage tote (you know, the one that lost the lid and the 8 spare lids you have don't fit it either) for a quick and fun splash around. However, it's essential to take proper safety precautions and supervise your dog at all times. With proper care, your furry friend may even enjoy a swim in the river, lake or ocean too!

Now go out and have an amazing summer with your furry friends!

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