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Essential Puppy Socialization Training

What is Puppy/Dog Socialization? 

Most people think that meeting other dogs and people is socializing. That only equates to less than 10% of what your puppy needs to be properly socialized.

a chart of what people think puppy socialization is, compared to what it should be
Puppy Socialization the Right Way

Essential Social activity is important for your dog/puppy to feel safe and comfortable in various environments. Just like humans, dogs need to adapt to various sights, sounds, and smells to be socialized properly.

Here at Deaz, we practice ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation training) with our puppies from DAY ONE. This includes exposing them to sounds like voices, squeakers, crinkle paper, and more. We also bath them regularly and rub them with a variety of materials, so they are more comfortable with grooming and in a home environment.

a puppy getting ENS with a new feeding experience
ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) is an important part of a puppy's development

You can continue that training when your puppy goes home by slowly giving them experiences within your home/safe space before meeting new people and visiting new places with lots of distractions.

Some examples of socialization activities include:

  • Practice going up and down stairs of different heights/sizes.

  • Explore a variety of floor surfaces, i.e. carpet, tile, hardwood floors, rugs that slide, concrete, and the BATHTUB!

  • Experiment with textures and sounds - if your puppy becomes scared or nervous, get on his level and show him there is nothing to worry about.

a puppy under a blanket
Blankets and towels are examples of texture your puppy can explore with you

In conclusion, be sure your puppy has had plenty of time to develop a trusting relationship with you and his safe space before exposing him to the overwhelming sights and sounds of the outside world. This will lead to a healthy and happy adult dog in the future.

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