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Decoding the Coat: Understanding the Colors and Markings of Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles

Cockapoo Puppy Colors and Markings

What is your favorite color? Where do you find beauty in your eyes? There are no wrong answers, but you surely have your favorites. Or will your mind change the moment you see that perfect bundle of fur? Here are some insights into the colors and markings of Cockapoos and other breeds.

solid colors of Cockapoo puppies
All solid colors are deviations of the Red gene

RED Cockapoos are known for their striking and eye-catching coats, which often feature a rich and vibrant shade of red. These furry companions boast a bold and unique appearance that is sure to turn heads wherever they go. As they grow older, their coats tend to lighten to a beautiful golden apricot hue, adding to their charm and appeal.

APRICOT The charming coat color of apricot has gained immense popularity among the admirers of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel breeds. Its soft and subtle tone, lighter than red yet not completely buff, adds a distinct allure to these already adorable dogs.

BUFF The color buff is a soft and muted shade of red, with a warm and earthy tone that adds a touch of elegance. When paired with light eyes, it creates a beautiful contrast that draws attention and enhances the natural beauty . Its lightness and subtlety make it a perfect choice for those who prefer a more understated and delicate look, while its ability to complement and accentuate the eyes makes it a popular choice among many.

BLACK.  A black coat, whether it is solid or has abstract markings, possesses a striking and captivating aesthetic. The dark hue creates an air of mystery and sophistication, while the abstract patterns add a touch of uniqueness and individuality. It is a garment that demands attention and exudes a sense of confidence and elegance.

CHOCOLATE.  The luscious chocolate coats of our puppies are a striking sight to behold. These coats exude a deep red hue that is both rich and soothing, with an almost dream-like quality. As if that weren't enough, some of these coats even come with Phantom markings, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to an already stunning appearance.

Merle, Phantom and Sable Cockapoo Puppies at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Multi-Colored Coats are stunning and always a suprise!

BLUE MERLE  is a stunning coat that is a blend of black and various shades of gray, creating a unique and unpredictable appearance that is sure to turn heads. Many times the coat's beauty is further enhanced by the presence of Phantom markings, giving it a distinctive and eye-catching quality that truly sets it apart.

CHOCOLATE MERLE.  Chocolate Merle coats are a blend of rich browns and soft tans and beiges, perfect for those who love tone-on-tone color schemes.

PHANTOM markings on dogs are quite distinctive and are characterized by a beautiful combination of two or three colors. The color brown is dominant in these markings, which are visible on the feet, snout, eyebrows, and tail. The tail, in particular, has a little brown under it, and the chest is white. Sometimes, you can also see white markings on the legs. These markings give the dog an elegant and unique appearance.

SABLE.  When born, this coat is mostly black in color, but a closer inspection of the undercoat reveals a bright red hue. While your puppy may have black-tipped hair by the time you bring them home, they will likely retain darker ears throughout their life.

white markings in cockapoo puppies at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Variations of white markings can expand to 99% of the body

TUXEDO.  Perfect tuxedo markings are characterized by four white paws, white on the chest, face, and head, creating a tuxedo jacket look over a white shirt. Tuxedos may come in various colors, including black, red, and other combinations.

PARTI.  If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching coat, you might want to consider a Parti coat. This type of coat is characterized by its predominantly white color, which covers at least 50% of the dog's body. The remaining areas of the coat are covered with patches of different colors, creating a striking and distinctive look that is sure to turn heads.

ABSTRACT.  The abstract markings are not solid and include some white, which can appear on the head, feet, chest, face, or anywhere in between.

Bernedoodle Colors at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Bernedoodles can vary from Solid to Tri to even Merle!

Bernedoodle Markings

SOLID.  If you are fond of the Reds, Apricots, Blacks or Chocolates in our adorable Cockapoos but desire a larger breed, then our Bernedoodles can be a perfect fit for you. Not only do they come in similar colors but also possess an amiable temperament, making them a "solid" choice for your next furry companion.


BI-COLOR.  Bernedoodles with exclusively black and white markings are referred to as Bi-Color.

TRI-COLOR.  The Bernedoodle's traditional coat is tri-colored, with more prominent white markings, sometimes referred to as Phantom in other breeds.

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