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Petite, Mini, or Standard: Picking the Perfect Puppy Size for Your Lifestyle

At Deaz Doodle Ranch, we offer different sizes of Cockapoo, Goldendoodle, and Bernedoodle puppies to help you in picking the perfect puppy size. Unsure about which size is best for you? Let us break it down for you.

PUppy Size Chart at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Approximate sizes based on the estimated weight of a mature dog.

Deaz Doodle Ranch poodle Sassy
Sassy | Deaz Mini Poodle | 12 pounds

10-15 lbs.  At times, we provide petite Cockapoos of this size when our breeding program involves smaller mothers. These adorable dogs are ideal for those living in apartments or cities, and are particularly well-suited as companion pets for our elderly customers. With their charming personalities and affectionate nature, petite Cockapoos are sure to capture your heart and become your loyal and loving companion.

Deaz Mama Sundae
Sundae | Deaz Dam, retired | 18 pounds

15-20 lbs.  This dog breed is ideal for apartment living and is recommended for children aged 7 years or more. They are also perfect for someone with disabilities who cannot take care of a larger dog.

These dogs are not too small that you might trip over them. We do not breed smaller dogs by reducing their size. Instead, we breed dogs that have a weight balance as close to equal as possible.

Our breeding program includes Cocker Spaniels that are smaller in weight, which we breed with toy/mini-Poodles to maintain an even weight balance. This usually results in a beautiful miniature version of our beloved Cockapoos.

lulu mama deaz doodle ranch
Lulu | Deaz Dam | 25 pounds

20-30 lbs.  The perfect small family dog.  This size is great for any family of any age, from Newlyweds to Empty Nesters!  This size dog has a well-balanced level of energy to take a brisk walk through the neighborhood and then relax on the back deck while you sip wine for the evening.

This size dog also has the potential to make a great support or therapy animal.

Deaz Dam Tink Cockapoo
Tink | Deaz Dam | 35 pounds

30-40 lbs. Don't let the size fool you. These Standard Cockapoos are the gentle giants of the Cockapoo Kingdom. They're large enough for the kids to wrestle but kind enough to snooze by the fire during Family Bonding time.

Based on the size of past litters, we expect our future Goldendoodle litters to be within this weight range—for those of you looking for a little more adventure in an upbeat and loyal companion.

Peanut Goldendoodle Stud at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Peanut | Deaz Stud | 50 pounds

40-60 lbs.  This weight is considered "Standard" in the Cockapoo world. These puppies usually have a friendly and cozy nature, making them great napping partners. Additionally, our Mini Berendoodles also fall in this weight range.

Koda, Bernese Mountain Dog at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Koda | former Stud | 65 pounds

60+ lbs.  The majority of our Bernedoodles will fall into the medium to large size range. These fun bundles of fur will have the ability to reach countertops, open doors, and exhibit many other traits of large breed dogs. Obedience training is crucial for any dog, but it is especially important for this breed. While puppyhood may present some challenges, they will grow into an amazing addition to any family.

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