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Picking the Perfect Puppy Gender: Is there a Difference?

We believe in raising well-balanced and well-mannered dogs, regardless of their gender. Although every dog is unique, in my research, I have some general observations and answers regarding the differences between male and female dogs, specifically Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles.

dog and girl on floor
Male dogs are more forgiving

Male dogs mature slower than females and may be harder to train due to their playful nature.

Neutering male dogs between the ages of 4-6 months can reduce the likelihood of them displaying humping or marking behaviors. It is common in farming communities like ours in the Midwest, and we recommend consulting your vet to determine the best time for neutering.

Male dogs can exhibit territorial and aggressive behavior only in the presence of females. If males do engage in a squabble, it is usually brief and not very intense. Moreover, male dogs are generally more forgiving and don't hold grudges easily.

Males get along well with females, and it is rare for them to have difficulty coexisting with them. They can be very affectionate towards their people and are often described as happy-go-lucky or Velcro dogs.

Deaz Doodle Ranch Cockapoo Puppy Female Chocolate Merle Female
Females tend to be more independent and show affection on thier own terms

Females tend to mature more quickly and settle down sooner than males. This makes them somewhat easier to train due to their maturity. However, they may also exhibit dominance behavior by humping or marking their territory, which is not related to breeding or sex.

Female dogs are generally friendly with everyone but may have favorites and show affection on their own terms. They are more independent of their owners and tend to walk away when they have had enough attention.

Females usually get along well with males, but they are more prone to mood swings, which can result in them being extremely sweet or pouty.

In conclusion, with proper training and spaying or neutering at the right time, we can help you in picking the perfect puppy based on your personal preferences for gender, temperament, and color here at Deaz Doodle Ranch.

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