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Special Pupdate from a Therapy Dog from Deaz Doodle Ranch!

A Deaz Doodle Ranch Standard Goldendoodle
Franklin, now Oalkley is a Therapy Dog in a Preschool Classroom

We are so excited to share this pupdate from a therapy dog owner and his success story!

A little over a year ago, Katie and her family came to Deaz Doodle Ranch for a family companion and therapy-tempered pet. They settled on Franklin [now Oakley], a Standard Goldendoodle from Maggie and Peanut.

Here's an exert from her recent email to the Deaz team:

"I wanted to reach out and share an amazing story with you.  We purchased Franklin from Maggie's litter back in April 2023.  The goal for this purchase was to be a faithful companion for myself but also for a therapy dog for my classroom of preschoolers.  We chose Oakley as his new name and started him out quickly in training.  He went through puppy preschool, basic classes, intermediate classes, and, last but not least, a therapy dog class.  "

Katie goes on to say:

"We took the TDI [ Therapy Dog International ] test a couple of weeks ago, and he passed with flying colors!!!!!!!!!  He is now a certified therapy dog, and my classroom and the other students in the building adore him.  He is kind, gentle, playful, fun, energetic, and loves to be loved.  I just wanted to share and to also say thank you for my best friend.  I have attached photos of Oakley at work and also just being a pup that he is.  We also just celebrated his FIRST birthday on February 12!

Thanks again for everything,


Additionally, Katie referred her parents, aunt, and even the Resource Officer at her school. KeyKey, chosen by a Resource Officer husband and wife, is currently in training for weapon detection! How cool is that?!?!

Mini Goldendoodle from Deaz Doodle Ranch
Kingston, Mini Goldendoodle
Chocolate Cockapoo from Deaz Doodle Ranch training for weapons detection
KeyKey, the Cockapoo

So, what is a Therapy dog? The American Kennel Club defines a therapy dog as "Dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work together as a team to improve other people's lives."

It's important to note that while both therapy dogs and service animals require special training and certification, they serve different purposes. Service animals undergo extensive training for years to help with specific needs, whereas therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and aid in socialization. Understanding the distinction between the two is essential to ensure that they receive the right kind of care and treatment.

A Chocolate Phantom Cockapoo at Deaz Doodle Ranch Bozeman
An attentive temperament is best for training.

What makes a good Therapy Dog? It comes down to the temperament and training of a dog when it comes to being a good therapy dog. A well-suited therapy dog should be social but not too over-active. The dog should not be fearful or anxious in crowded or new environments. Conversely, an over-active dog can be too stimulating for a classroom of small children or an assisted living facility.

It's important to choose a patient and attentive dog for obedience and therapy training certification. Good eye contact is an early indicator of a dog's trainability.

Because we breed for family-friendly temperaments above all else, several of our Cockapoos and Goldendoodles have become therapy dogs across the United States. We're so proud of our Deaz pups!

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