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Adjustment Periods: The 3/3/3 Rule and Understanding Puppy Behavior

source: Facebook post from Rolling River Rescue 


puppy laying on ground looking up
The first 3 days home are a big adjustment

The First 3 DAYS 

 It will take your new puppy 3 days to decompress. During the first 3 days in his new home, he may be:

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • scared/unsure of what's going on

  • not comfortable enough to be himself yet

  • be shy about eating/drinking.

  • hiding under furniture

  • testing boundaries

two puppies sleeping on the bed next to each other
The first 3 weeks the puppy starts to get comfortable


The First 3 WEEKS

 It will take your new puppy 3 weeks to learn your routine. During the first 3 weeks he may be:

  • starting to settle in and feel more comfortable

  • starting to realize this could be his forever home

  • figuring out his environment

  • getting into a routine

  • letting his guard down and show his true personality.

puppy giving kisses to girl
In the first 3 months your puppy finally begins to feel at home

The First 3 MONTHS

  It can take your new puppy 3 months to feel at home. During the later months, he will start to

  • finally feel completely comfortable in his own home

  • Build trust and develop a true bond

  • Have a complete sense of security with his new family

  • Settle into a routine


So, give your puppy some time and understand that there may be setbacks, but with patience, you will be rewarded with a wonderful life-long pet!

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