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Top 10 Signs of a Reputable Dog Breeder

Looking for a reputable breeder can be a daunting task. It involves a lot of research, background checks, and meetings with potential breeders. However, the satisfaction and joy that come with finding a trustworthy breeder are unparalleled. You can rest assured that your new furry friend will be healthy, well-cared for, and come from a loving and responsible breeder. So, don't give up on your search for a reliable breeder; the end result will be worth all the effort and hard work. Here are 10 Signs of a reputable dog breeder.

a newborn puppy in human hands
Happy parents make for healthy puppies

They put the health and happiness of their dogs front and center.

At Deaz Doodle Ranch, we prioritize the well-being of our breeding dogs. We ensure that they live in loving family homes, which enables them to be happy and healthy parents to our puppies. Additionally, our puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) daily from the day they are born until they are six weeks old. Following that, we cautiously socialize them with other puppies and dogs outdoors until they are prepared for adoption.

They are transparent about their breeding practices.

At Deaz Doodle Ranch, we take pride in our commitment to transparency. We understand that our customers want to know exactly what kind of care and facilities we offer, and we are happy to oblige.

To help you get a better understanding of our practices, we provide an in-depth video tour of our facilities. This tour will give you an up-close view of the environment in which our doodles grow and thrive.

Additionally, we have created an extensive FAQ section on our website to answer any questions you may have. From the food we feed our doodles to the vaccinations they receive; we are committed to providing complete transparency so that you can feel confident in choosing Deaz Doodle Ranch for your next furry family member.

puppy running in the grass
Find your next Doodle at Deaz Doodle Ranch

They specialize in one or few breeds.

It's important to be aware that a website showcasing a wide variety of dog breeds can often be a red flag for a puppy mill. These mills are known for keeping dogs in inhumane conditions, with little to no regard for their health and well-being. The parents of these puppies are often kept cramped up in confined spaces and used solely for breeding purposes, leading to physical and emotional harm.

At Deaz Doodle Ranch, we believe in creating a safe and nurturing environment for all of our dogs. While we do offer three different breeds - the Cockapoo, Goldendoodle, and Berendoodle - our focus remains on creating hypo-allergenic breeds that are derived from poodles and are known for their friendly and loving temperament. We are proud to say that all of our dogs are raised with love and care, with ample space to play and grow, and are given the attention and care they need to thrive.

They have references from other canine professionals or satisfied owners of some of the dogs they have produced.

Our website boasts a comprehensive page dedicated specifically to highlighting the positive feedback we have received from our valued customers. We take immense pride in the satisfaction of our clients and are more than happy to provide you with the contact information of our trusted veterinarian.

It is worth noting that many other reputable Cockapoo breeders in Indiana have also referred us to their customers in the past, which is a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch service and quality.

puppy sleeping on laptop
Make sure you can find reviews on a breeder

They have a well-established online presence

In today's digital age, almost everyone has an online presence and that includes dog breeders. If you are unable to find reviews or contact information for a breeder with a quick online search, it should raise a red flag.

However, Deaz Doodle Ranch offers a plethora of information available at your fingertips on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our website. You can also find reviews from former customers on both Google and Facebook.

Additionally, we have a Facebook Group called "Extended Family" where Deaz dog owners can share photos and more, creating an amazing support system for our customers.

They have a few puppies available and are taking wait lists for expected litters.

Deaz Doodle Ranch has more puppies available than a typical backyard breeder. This is because we have a large program and the necessary facilities and staff to manage it properly.

We offer waitlists where you can select a puppy from a litter before they are listed as available to the general public. Our popularity spans both the East and west coasts due to our ability to transport puppies via ground or flight with a private nanny. We send puppies home weekly.

They encourage you to visit the location where the puppies were raised and meet their parents.

You need to be able to visit the place where your puppy was raised. At Deaz Doodle Ranch, we provide tours and in-person visits to our facility. If you are unable to visit us in person, we also offer video and FaceTime tours. See a video tour below

Since most of our breeding dogs live in private homes, we may not always have them on site for you to visit. However, if they are available, we are happy to introduce you to them. You can view personal profiles for our breeding stock on our website.

They won't let puppies go home before 8 weeks.

It is crucial for the overall health, development, and socialization of a puppy to spend a minimum of 8 weeks with its mother and/or littermates. Separating them earlier than that can result in several behavioral and health issues. Additionally, it is worth noting that in some regions, separating a puppy from its mother before 8 weeks of age is considered illegal.

They should require a Puppy Contract and/or Application

It is equally important for a breed to get to know you as it is for you to get to know the breeder. At Deaz Doodle Ranch, we take our responsibility towards our puppy parents very seriously. Our application includes questions about your past experience with pets, as well as a puppy contract that outlines your commitment to the care of your new pet. We also provide a Puppy Health Guarantee and promise to provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

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