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Welcome to the Family! Meet our Family at Deaz Doodle Ranch

Young Couple playing with Cockapoo Puppy in the Deaz Doodle Ranch Lobby
Families can play with puppies in our spacious lobby

At Deaz Doodle Ranch we're all family - and you can be too! We are family-owned and operated, with our home attached to the facility. See the full tour on our YouTube Channel.

If you're new to the Ranch, we are a full-service breeder where you can adopt Goldendoodles, Cockapoos, and Bernedoodles. We offer a range of colors, sizes, and temperaments to meet any lifestyle. Stay tuned for more posts explaining colors and sizes of our puppies.

Additionally, we serve our local area with our grooming, boarding, and special vet clinic events. Many of our breeding dogs live in family homes in and around the Connersville area and other parts of Indiana.

Dog groomer grooms red mini poodle at Deaz Doodle Ranch
Savannah grooms Boss, one of our Mini Poodle Studs

Our puppies are raised by a dedicated staff that love and care for all aspects of raising a puppy from feeding & vaccinations to ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and playtime. Numerous staff members handle each puppy and are individually temperament tested to develop a happy, healthy puppy.

We hope to share our knowledge of our breeds, adoption, and caring for your puppies and dogs in this blog's future and welcome you to join us.

Thanks for visiting!

Deaz Doodle Ranch in Connersville, Indiana
Our Ranch in the heart of the Midwest

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